Price Camp SCV Price Camp SCV
Camp Roster
by Gene Dressel


In 1948 Compatriot Frederick Lawson Niemeyer was elected Commander of Sterling Price Cap #145, and Paul Knabe was elected Adjutant. Mr. Knabe went on to become Camp Commander in 1953 and again in 1963. By 1948 the membership had dropped to 54 (down from 65 in 1947). The entire Missouri Division consisted of only three Camps by this time; #145 Sterling Price - St. Louis, #633 Geo. M. Francisco - Marshall, MO., and #310 Francis M. Cockrell - Kansas City, MO. 


In 1949 William L. Atwood of Ferguson, Missouri was elected Camp Adjutant. He would become Camp Commander in 1959, and serve in that capacity til 1963 when Paul Knabe would be re-elected.