Price Camp SCV Price Camp SCV
Camp Roster
by Gene Dressel

     No reports were found for the years, 1950, 1951, and 1952. On January 21st, 1953 Sterling Price Camp #145 held their Annual Lee - Jackson Memorial Dinner at the Winston - Churchill Hotel located at the intersection of Belt and Cabanne Avenues. The event had been held here in 1952 also. Their guest speaker was Reverend H. Louis Patrick, pastor of the Westminister Presbyterian Church, who spoke on General Robert E. Lee. Rev. Patrick had recently moved to St. Louis from Charlotte, North Carolina. It was noted at this time that the Lee - Jackson Memorial Dinners had been an annual Camp event for more than 50 years.      In 1953 a roster of Camp officers was found that lists the following:

Paul Knabe 3207 Washington Blvd Commander
Carl F. Daniel Pierce Building 1st Lt. Commander
Wylie Creel 5560 Pershing Ave 2nd Lt. Commander
Walter C. Rawls Boatmans Bank Bldg Adjutant
Charles S. Via Kirkwood, MO Treasurer
Hall Wingfield 1001 Washington Blvd Quartermaster
W. Scott Hancock 705 Olive St Counsel
Dr. Drew Luten 3720 Washington Blvd Surgeon
George W. Tucker 1004 Blendon Place Historian
Herbert Curlee Phillips Jr 1001 Washington Blvd Color Sergeant
Rev. Frank C. King 9424 Everman Ave Chaplain