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Camp Roster
by Gene Dressel

     1957 saw very few changes in either the administration or membership of the Camp. Charles Via was re-elected Commander and the membership had stabilizes at 52 members. The only change in officers was that Hall N. Wingfield took Fred Niemeyer’s place as Camp Quartermaster. The Camp lost one of its long time members in 1957 when Joseph Mullen passed away on March 19th of that year. He was 81 years old and an active Camp member til his last days. He had served as Camp Commander in 1926, was CEO of Olin-Mathieson Chemical Company, and his daughter was married to Lieutenant General “Hap” Arnold. There were a lot of family ties within the Camp. Adjutant Herbert Curlee Phillips Jr. was kin to F. M. Curlee, and an employee of the Curlee Clothing Company. William Crowdus and his son were both members, as were W. Scott Hancock and his son Major Walker Hancock, and Walter C. Rawls and his son Walter C. Jr. Of the 52 members 12 of them had been Camp Commanders.