Price Camp SCV Price Camp SCV
Camp Roster
by Gene Dressel

Membership increased only slightly in 1960 (up from 52 members to 55). The Camp officers remained the same. As the Centennial years (1961, 1965) approached, efforts to co, ordinate activities with The United Daughters of the Confederacy, National and State Centennial Commissions, the State Historical Society of Missouri, the Missouri Historical Society, and the newly formed St. Louis Civil War Round Table intensified. Every effort was being made to insure that the Southern Cause would be represented during these momentous years. The previous year had been a difficult one for the Camp with the passing of Dr. Selden Spencer and Walter Scott Hancock. Both were past Commanders and esteemed members of the Camp for many years.

The Officers Core included:

William L. Atwood, Commander 
Hall Wingfield, 1st Lt. Commander 
Herbert C. Phillips Jr.,  2nd Lt. Commander 
Alexander C. Nivin ,  Adjutant 
Phil Brumbaugh ,  Treasurer 
Cyril Clemens ,  Quartermaster 
W. Wm. Dalton ,  Judge Advocate 
Dr. Drew Luten ,  Surgeon 
Geo. W. Tucker ,  Historian 
John C. Mosby III ,  Color Sergeant 
Rev. L. F. Martin ,  Chaplain

Membership in 1960 included:

  1. Fred N. Brokaw
  2. Charles A. Bull 
  3. Dean Burke 
  4. K. R. Cannon 
  5. Wm. M. Crowdus 
  6. John M. Dalton 
  7. C. Peyton Daniels
  8. W. L. English
  9. . E. Farrar 
  10. Thomas J. Skinker 
  11. Dr. Floyd Stewart 
  12. Wm. Tarkington 
  13. Frank A. Hudson
  14. Bradley Benn 
  15. Robert Mles    
  16. M. M. Gordon 
  17. Dr. O. P. Hampton 
  18. Edward J. Hopkins 
  19. Fred Hume 
  20. Col. D. H. Hundley 
  21. Lorraine F. Jones Jr.
  22. Paul Knabe 
  23. Richard J. Lockwood 
  24. Mansford W. Masters
  25. Col. C. E. Stribling 
  26. William Warren
  27. William Warren
  28. Dr. Edward Hart 
  29. Rev. Frank King 
  30. A. Wellborne Moise  
  31. Larry R. Miles 
  32. Lee Meriwether 
  33. Fred Niemeyer 
  34. Thomas Petrie 
  35. Walker Pierce 
  36. Dr. Walter Rawls 
  37. Dr. Walter Rawls Jr. 
  38. Dr. Thomas Rawls 
  39. H. D. Rodgers 
  40. Wm. L. Ross 
  41. Charles S. Via 
  42. J. T. Whittal 
  43. Ray Eilers 
  44. Gale Johnston 
  45. Victor P. Miles