Price Camp SCV Price Camp SCV
Camp Roster
by Gene Dressel

     Ollie Sappington continued to command Sterling Price Camp this year. New officers included; Charles Welsh - 1st Lt. Commander, Dave LeMoyne - 2nd Lt. Commander, Col. James Speicher - Adjutant,  Mike Pierce - Chaplain, and Bill Bowden - Treasurer. The monthly Camp meetings were held at the Olive Garden restaurant on Manchester this year, and attendance was at an all time high. The Camp was nearing 100 members, and growing rapidly. Confederate Memorial Day services were held at Jefferson Barracks on April 30th, and the Camp Jackson Dinner was once again at the Cupples House on May 7th.  Commander Sappington , in keeping with his motto “An active Camp is a growing Camp”, filled 1994 with memorable events.  A new recruiting billboard campaign by National Headquarters secured a billboard in the St. Louis area  proclaiming the virtues of SCV membership. We purchased a new Camp flag, paid for a flagpole at Elm Springs Headquarters, a new camp Medal was struck, and Sterling Price Camp “T” shirts were made available.  A series of lecturers were provided for the monthly Camp meetings, and tours of local Confederate sites were held. Lecturers such as Dr. Phillip Thomas Tucker, Col. Heinrich Wirz,  and Margaret Richardson graced the meetings. The new Field Trip Program took camp members to such places as; New Madrid, Higginsville, Franklin Tennessee, and Elm Springs National Headquarters. Advertisements for the SCV were published in the St. Louis Genealogical Society Magazine, local Confederate gravesites were marked, and Confederate literature was donated to local libraries. A “sharing table” was established at camp meetings, where articles of interest were made available to all members. That year Ollie Sappington was elected Lieutenant Commander of the Missouri Division. The Camp once again won the Burbridge Award for Best Camp in Missouri, and the Argus won the Best Newsletter Award. In September of that year Division Commander Jim Keown resigned, and Ollie Sappington became the new Division Commander. 1994 saw the best of times, and the worst of times for Sterling Price camp #145. The worst came on December 26th, 1994, when beloved compatriot “Pat” O’Connor passed away.