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Camp Roster
by Gene Dressel

     Officers for the 1996-1997 term included; Ollie Sappington - Commander,  Larry Limpus - 1st Lt. Commander,  Bill Feeney - 2nd Lt. Commander, and Col. James Speicher - Adjutant.  A new feature was begun this year at the January meeting. Rather than restrict the meeting to the celebration of Generals Lee and Jackson, it was decided to pay tribute to the many  Confederate Generals who were born that month. In 1996, six Confederate heroes were so honored.  The annual Missouri Division Reunion was once again held in St. Louis. The April 13th 1996 activities centered around Jo Hannon’s Restaurant, and it was a very successful reunion. The Camp sadly announced the passing of Compatriots Phillip S. Brumbaugh, and William K. Gardner this year. Confederate Memorial Day was held at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery on Saturday April 21st 1996.  The Camp Jackson Memorial Dinner was held on May 10th 1996 at Jo Hannon’s Restaurant.