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Chilton Atkinson
by Gene Dressel

     Served as Camp Commander in 1906. He was born in St. Louis on December 10th 1875, and was the son of Dr. Robert C. and Mary Tandy (Bull) Atkinson. His father, Dr. Atkinson was a physician who had served in the 10th Virginia Infantry during the war, and was a well loved and respected physician in St. Louis, who often refused payment for his many services. He died in 1917, and is buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery in an unmarked grave. His son (the subject of this article) was educated at Smith’s Academy, and Washington University  School of Law, graduating LL.B in 1895. He was admitted to the Missouri Bar Association in 1895, and practiced law for the firm of Campbell & Ryan of St. Louis. In 1902 he was elected to serve as Missouri Division SCV Commander, and held that position for nine years. Mr. Atkinson also belonged to the Virginia Society of St. Louis, the Missouri Historical Society, and the St. Louis Bar Association. His residence was at 3000 Lafayette Ave.


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