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Judge Richard Brownrigg Haughton
by Gene Dressel

     He was Camp commander in 1900. He was the son of Major Lafayette, and Sarah (Brownrigg) Haughton. Mrs. Haughton was the daughter of Richard Thomas Brownrigg of Columbus, Mississippi (See biography of Camp Commander Brownrigg). All of her male relatives who were old enough to bear arms, even distant cousins, were in the Confederate Army. Mrs. Haughton  passed away in 1905.  Her son Judge R. B. Haughton (the subject of this article) was born on November 24th 1864 in Aberdeen, Mississippi. He attended the State Agricultural and Mechanical College at Starkville, Mississippi. In 1881 he attended the Law  School at the University of Mississippi at Oxford, and graduated first in his class of 1886. He practiced law at Aberdeen til 1888, when he moved to St. Louis. In 1896 he was appointed judge of  the St. Louis Circuit Courts. In later years Judge Haughton moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he conducted an active law practice. Hot Springs was the home of Haughton’s wife, the former Miss. Amelia Rector, daughter of Colonel E. W. Rector, one of the pioneers of the area. On June 3rd 1900 Commander-in-Chief Brisco Hindman, appointed judge Haughton to command the newly formed Missouri Division of the SCV. The following year he was elected commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans at the Memphis Reunion. He served two years in that capacity. In 1904 Judge Haughton was one of the first to advocate a consolidation of the United Confederate Veterans and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, to insure a  continuation of the organization after the veterans had passed away. Judge Richard Brownrigg Haughton passed away in February of 1929, after a short illness. He was the second Commander of Sterling Price Camp #145, the second Commander of the Missouri Division SCV, and the first Missourian to serve as Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate veterans.

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