Price Camp SCV Price Camp SCV
Dr. Robert E. Lee Hughes
by Gene Dressel

     Dr. Hughes began serving as Camp Commander in 1928. He had served in many positions within the camp, and was Camp Adjutant in 1923 under Commander Moreno. Others to serve on that staff included: Alcee Stewart, First Lieutenant Commander; Dr.Selden Spencer, Second Lieutenant Commander; W. Scott Hancock, Chaplain; and William Crowdus, Inspector. All of whom at one time also served as Camp Commanders. Dr. Hughes was the son of an old Kentucky family, and a graduate of Barnes Medical College. He was married to Miss Sarah Routzung, and passed away in 1934, after serving as a physician in St. Louis for more than 25 years. He is buried in Lakewood Park Cemetery (headquarters at 76 Grasso Plaza)

Sources; Missouri Historical Society, Necrology Files Vol 12 p.76