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Richard McCulloch
by Gene Dressel

     Served as Camp Commander in 1918, and was the son of Robert and Emma (Paxton) McCulloch. Robert McCulloch had served in the 18th Virginia Infantry at Gettysburg. Richard McCulloch was born in St. Louis on June 3rd, 1869, and educated in the public schools in St. Louis. He  graduated from Washington University in 1891 as engineer of mines. He married Miss. Mary Grace Beggs, and the couple had three children; John I.,  Robert P. and Mary Sue (Jones). He served as chief engineer for the National Railway Company of St. Louis from 1893 til 1899. From 1899 til1901 he was engaged in the construction of street railway systems in Switzerland and France. He was assistant General Manager of the Chicago Railway System from 1901 til 1904, when he became assistant general manager of United Railways of St. Louis. It might be noted that at that time his father Robert McCulloch was General Manager of the company. The two won accolades for the street railway service during the Worlds Fair in St. Louis that year. Richard served as General Manager of United Railways from 1914 til 1922. Mrs. Richard McCulloch, the former Mary Grace Beggs, was the daughter of John I. Beggs, utilities magnate and multi-millionaire. When he passed away he named his son-in-law Richard McCulloch executor of his $54,000,000 estate. Mr. McCulloch also served as director of Union Electric Company. While on vacation at their summer home on Lake Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, Richard contracted pneumonia and died on August 30th, 1940 at the age of 71.  He is buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery. 

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