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Joseph Mullen
by Gene Dressel

     Served as Camp Commander in 1926. His staff included; Norman L. Lincoln, First Lieutenant Commander;   Edward C. Fisher, Second Lieutenant Commander;   William L. Ross Jr., Adjutant;   J. W. Estes, Treasurer;   Cortez Kitchen, Quartermaster;   M. N. Davis, Historian; Chilton Atkinson, Color Sergeant;   and  R. B. Gibson, Chaplain.  Mr. Mullen was born on April 3rd, 1875 at Norfolk, Virginia. He was the son of Joseph and Emily Nash Mullen, and was educated at Johns Hopkins University where he graduated in 1895 with a BE Degree. On October 22nd of that year he married Miss Elizabeth Welsh Cocke, daughter of James Cocke. Their residence was at 5217 Westminister Place in St. Louis. He was president of the Southern Acid and Sulphur Company til 1949 when it merged with Olin Mathieson Chemical company. Soon after the merger he was made director and Chief Executive Officer of the company in Alton, Illinois, a position he held til 1956, when he retired. His daughter Elizabeth married Lieutenant General William (Hap) Arnold who commanded the 5th Army Division at that time. Joseph Mullen died of cerebral thrombosis at St. Mary’s Hospital on March 19th, 1957 at the age of 81 years. He left an estate valued at $1,158,888 to his children Elizabeth Arnold, and Joseph Mullen Jr.

Sources; Missouri Historical Society Bulletin XIII p.410