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Thomas E. Powe
by Gene Dressel

     Served as Camp Commander in 1904. He was born in Cheraw, South Carolina on January 5th 1872, and was the son of James Harrington and Josephine E. (Robbins) Powe. He was educated at the Cheraw Academy, and Harvard University. On November 10th 1910 he married Miss Grace McCulloch, daughter of Capt. Robert McCulloch (18th Virginia Infantry) of St. Louis. They had one daughter, Josephine Paxton McCulloch. In 1896 Mr. Powe was serving as assistant lumber inspector at Powe & Warren Lumber company in St. Louis. In 1897 he worked for the Little Lumber Company of Memphis, and in 1899 the Plummer-Benedict Lumber Company in St. Louis. He became vice-president of the Plummer-Benedict Lumber Company in 1903, and in 1909 bought the firm and renamed it the “Thomas E. Powe Lumber Company”. He also served as president of the St. Louis Lumber Exchange, Director of the Hardwood Manufacturers’ Association, and the National Hardwood Lumber Association.  On October 8th, 1940 Thomas E. Powe was elected to serve as the thirty-seventh Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans at the Washington D.C. Reunion.

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