Price Camp SCV Price Camp SCV
Dr. Selden Spencer, M.D.
by Gene Dressel

      Served as Camp Commander in 1931, and served several terms. He was born in St. Louis on March 23rd 1873. He was the son of Dr. Horatio Nelson Spencer M.D. who served in the 1st Mississippi Light Artillery, General Cowan’s Brigade, Loring’s Division, Army of Tennessee C.S.A.  Dr. H.N. Spencer helped found the St. Louis Medical College which later became the Medical Department of Washington University. Selden Spencer was educated at Stoddard Public School in St. Louis, Miss Alexander’s Private School, Smith’s Academy, St. Paul’s in Concord New Hampshire, and Princeton University where he graduated from in 1897. He returned to St. Louis in 1899 and graduated from Missouri Medical College. He did post-graduate studies in England , Scotland, and Germany. On June 3rd, 1903 he married Miss Mabel Williams of New York. He served as chief of the otology department of Washington University, and aural surgeon at Children’s Hospital, St. Louis. Dr. Spencer was a long time member of Sterling Price Camp #145, and in 1917 was appointed Missouri Division commander SCV. He had been appointed by National SCV Commander-in-Chief Ernest Baldwin.  Dr. Spencer was an avid canoeist, hiker, and amateur architectural designer. He lived at #63 Marshall Place, Webster Groves, Missouri. Selden Spencer is often confused with Judge Selden P. Spencer who was from Erie, Pennsylvania, and is not related to the subject of this biography. Dr. Selden Spencer died in 1959 and is buried at Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis.

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