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Missouri Actions, Battles, Skirmishes, and Engagements

Fact: Missouri ranked third in the most battles/skirmishes during the 1861-1865 war, following Only Virginia and Tennessee. The following is a general but incomplete listing of engagements, extracted from Confederate Military History, Volume 12.


May 10--Missouri Volunteer Militia is captured by Capt. Lyon at Camp Jackson; Federal troops fire upon men women and children in St. Louis.

May 10--State Legislature passes military bill to recruit Missouri State Guard and to use all State resources to "suppress rebellion and  repel invasion".
May 11--U.S. Reserves (Federal) "Home Guard" Troops fire a second time on a crowd at 2nd Presbyterian Church at corner of Fifth and Walnut Streets in St. Louis. Total of six killed (including four "Home Guard") and several innocent bystanders wounded, some seriously.

May 12--Gen. Harney returns to St. Louis to find a "deplorable state of things"

May 21--St. Louis: Gen. Harney and Gen. Price sign peace agreement. "Common sense" is restored.

May 30--St. Louis: Gen. Harney is removed from command and Lyon promoted to Brigadier General. Missouri returns to chaos.

June 11--Planters Hotel, St. Louis, Gen. Nathaniel Lyon declares war on the State of Missouri.

June 13--State Government evacuates Jefferson City in anticipation of attack.

June 15--Gen. Lyon occupies Jefferson City.

June 17--"Home Guards" (Federal) at Seventh and Olive Streets fire on St. Louis court (Recorder's Court) in session, killing five, and mortally wounding a court deputy. A couple of the "Home Guards" were wounded from shots fired from surrounding buildings.

June 18--Booneville, skirmish near.

June 24--Jackson, skirmish at.

July 4--Farmington, skirmish at.

July 5--Brier Fork, action at.

July 5--Carthage, engagement near.

July 5--Dry Fork, action at.

July 9-11--Monroe Station, skirmishes near and at.

July 15--Mexico, skirmish at

July 15-17--Wentzville, skirmish at.

July 17--Fulton, skirmish at.

July 17-19--Parkersville, skirmish at.

July 18--Harrisonville, action near.

July 18--Martinsburg, skirmish at.

July 22--Etna, skirmish at.

July 22--Forsyth, skirmish at.

July 24--Blue Hills, action at.

July 25--Dug Springs, skirmish at.

July 25-27--Harrisonville, skirmishes at.

July 26--McCulla's Store, skirmish at.

Aug. 1--Edina, skirmish at.

Aug. 2--Dug Springs, skirmish at.

Aug. 3--McCulla's Store, skirmish at.

 Aug. 5--Athens, skirmish at.

Aug. 10--Springfield, battle of.

Aug. 10--Wilson's Creek, battle of.

Aug. 11 or 12--Hamburg, affair at.

Aug. 16-21--Kirksville, operations around.

Aug. 17--Brunswick, skirmish at.

Aug. 17--Hunnewell, affair at.

Aug. 17--Palmyra, affair at.

Aug. 19--Klapsford, skirmish at.

Aug. 19-20--Fish Lake, skirmish at.

Aug. 19-20--Charleston, skirmishes at.

Aug. 21-22--Jonesboro, skirmishes at.

Aug. 23--Medoc, skirmish at.

Aug. 28--Ball's Mill, skirmish at.

Aug. 29--Morse's Mills, skirmish at.

Sept. 1--Bennight's Mills, skirmish at.

Sept. 2--Dallas, skirmish at.

Sept. 2--Dry Wood, action at.

Sept. 5--Papinsville, skirmish at.

Sept. 6--Monticello Bridge, skirmish at.

Sept. 8-10--Lucas Bend, engagements at.

Sept. 13-20--Lexington, siege of.

Sept. 14--Old Randolph, skirmish at.

Sept. 17--Blue Mills Landing, action at.

Sept. 17--Morristown, skirmish at.

Sept. 22--Osceola, skirmish at and destruction of.

Sept. 27--Norfolk, skirmish near.

Oct. 13--Pomme de Terre, skirmish on the.

Oct. 13--Wet Glaze, action at.

Oct. 14--Bird's Point, skirmish at Underwood's Farm near.

Oct. 14--Linn Creek, affair at.

Oct. 15--Blackwell's Station, skirmishes near and at.

Oct. 16--Linn Creek, skirmish near.

Oct. 17-18--Fredericktown, skirmishes at.

Oct. 18--Warrensburg, skirmish at.

Oct. 19--Big Hurricane Creek. action at.

Oct. 21--Fredericktown, engagement at.

Oct. 25--Springfield, action at.

Oct. 27--Spring Hill, skirmish near.

Oct 28--Missouri Senate passes Ordinance of Secession.

Oct 30--Missouri House passes Ordinance of Secession.

Oct 31--Missouri secedes from the Union.

Nov. 6--Little Santa Fe, action at.

Nov. 7--Belmont, engagement at.

Nov. 11--Little Blue, action at.

Nov. 18--Price's Landing, attack on steamboat Platte Valley at.

Nov. 20--Butler, skirmish at

Nov. 20--Little Santa Fe, skirmish at.

Nov. 24--Johnstown, skirmish at.

Nov. 24--Lancaster, skirmish at.

Nov. 26--Independence, skirmish at.

Nov. 28--Confederate States Congress declares Missouri as 12th State of the Confederacy.

Nov. 30--Grand River, skirmish at.

Dec. 1--Shanghai, skirmish at.

Dec. 3--Salem, action at.

Dee. 9--Union Mills, skirmish at.

Dec. 11--Bertrand, skirmish near.

 Dec. 13--Charleston, skirmish at.

Dec. 18--Blackwater Creek, skirmish on the. Dee. 18--Milford, skirmish at.

Dec. 23--Dayton, skirmish at.

Dec. 24--Wadesburg, skirmish at.

Dec. 27--Hallsville, skirmish near.

Dec. 28--Mount Zion Church, action at.

Dec. 29--City of Alton, steamboat, attack on.

Dec. 29--Commerce, descent on.



Jan. 1-3--Dayton, expedition to, skirmish near, and destruction of.

Jan. 3--Hunnewell, skirmish at.

Jan. 8--Charleston, skirmish at.

Jan. 8--Roan's Tan-Yard, Silver Creek, action at.

Jan. 9--Columbus, skirmish at.

Jan. 22--Knobnoster, skirmish at.

Feb. 8--Bolivar, affair at.

Feb. 9--Marshfield, skirmish at.

Feb. 12--Springfield, skirmish at.

Feb. 14--Crane Creek, skirmish at.

Feb. 15--Flat Creek, skirmish near.

Feb. 19--West Plains, skirmish at.

Feb. 22--Independence, skirmish at.

Feb. 23-24--Pea Ridge Prairie, reconnoissance to and skirmish on.

Feb. 23-25--Saint Francisville, reconnoissance to and skirmish near.

Feb. 25--Keytesville, skirmish at.

Feb. 28-April 8--New Madrid, advance upon and siege of.

March 1--Sikeston, skirmish near.

March 7--Bob's Creek, skirmish at.

March 7--Fox Creek, skirmish at

March 7 and 18--Point Pleasant, engagements at.

March 9--Big Creek, skirmish on.

March 9--Mountain Grove, skirmish at.

March 10--La Fayette County, skirmish in.

March 15-16--Marshall, skirmish near.

March 17--Riddle's Point, action at.

March 19--Leesville, skirmish near.

March 21--McKay's Farm, affair at.

March 22--Little Santa Fe, skirmish at.

March 22--Post Oak Creek, skirmish on.

March 25--Monagan Springs, skirmish at.

March 25-28--Moniteau County, expedition in, and skirmish en route.

March 26--Gouge's Mill, skirmish near.

March 26--Humansville, action at.

March 26--Post Oak Creek, action on.

March 29--Blackwater Creek, skirmish on the.

March 30--Clinton, skirmish near.

March 31--Pink Hill, skirmish at.

April 1--Doniphan, skirmish at.

April 1--Little Sni, skirmish on the.

 April 2--Walkersville, skirmish near.

April 8--Medicine Creek, skirmish at.

April 8--Warrensburg, skirmish near.

April 9--Jackson, skirmish at.

April 11--Shiloh, skirmish near.

April 14--Diamond Grove, skirmish at.

April 14--Montevallo, skirmish at.

April 14--Santa Fe Road, skirmish near the.

April 15--Lost Creek, skirmish at.

April 16--Blackwater, skirmish on.

April 17-28--Warsaw, skirmishes at.

April 25--Monagan Springs, skirmish at.

April 25--Osage River, skirmish on, near Monagan Springs.

April 26--Neosho, skirmish at.

April 26--Turnback Creek, skirmish at.

May 7--Horse Creek, skirmish at.

May 10--Bloomfield, skirmish at.

May 15--Butler, skirmish near.

May 17--Independence, skirmish near.

May 26--Crow's Station, near Licking, skirmish at.

May 26--Miami, skirmish at.

May 26--Waverly, skirmish at.

May 27--Monagan Springs, skirmish near.

May 27--Osceola, skirmish near.

May 31--Florida, skirmish at.

May 31--Neosho, skirmish near.

May 31--Salt River, skirmish on.

May 31--Waynesville, skirmish near.

June 1--Eleven Points, skirmish at.

June 2--Little Blue River, skirmish on the.

June 5--Sedalia, skirmish near.

June 11--Deep Water, skirmish at.

June 11--Pink Hill, skirmish at.

June 17--Eminence, skirmish at.

June 17--Warrensburg, skirmish near.

June 18--Hambright's Station, skirmish at.

June 23--Pineville, skirmish at.

June 23--Raytown, skirmish near.

June 26--Cherry Grove, Schuyler County, skirmish at.

July 1--Cherry Grove, Schuyler County, skirmish near.

July 6--Salem, skirmish at.

July 7--Inman Hollow, skirmish at.

July 7--Newark, skirmish near.

July 8--Black Run, skirmish at.

July 8-11--Pleasant Hill, skirmishes at and near.

July 9--Lotspeich Farm, on Sugar Creek, skirmish at.

July 9--Wadesburg, skirmish near.

July 11--Big Creek Bluffs, near Pleasant Hill, skirmish at.

July 11--Cassville, skirmish at.

July 11--Sears' House, near Pleasant Hill, skirmish at.

July 18--Memphis, skirmish near.

July 20--Greenville, skirmish at.

 July 20--Taberville, skirmish at.

July 22--Florida, skirmish near.

July 23--Blackwater, skirmish near the.

July 23--Boles' Farm, skirmish at.

July 24--Fulton, skirmish near.

July 24--Moore's Mill, skirmish at.

July 24, 25--Santa Fe, skirmishes near.

July 25-26--Mountain Store, skirmishes near.

July 27--Brown's Spring, skirmish at.

July 28--Bollinger's Mill, skirmishes at and near.

July 28--Cross Timbers, skirmish at.

July 28--Fulton, action near.

July 28--Moore's Mill, action at.

July 29--Arrow Rock, skirmish at.

July 29--Bloomfield, skirmish near.

July 30--Clark's Mill, Chariton County, skirmish at.

Aug. 1--Carrollton, skirmish near.

Aug. 1--Grand River, skirmish at.

Aug. 1--Ozark, skirmish at.

Aug. 2, 19--Clear Creek, skirmishes on.

Aug. 2-11--Taberville, skirmishes near.

Aug. 3--Chariton Bridge, skirmish at.

Aug. 4--Forsyth, skirmish near.

Aug. 4--Gayoso, skirmish at.

Aug. 4--White River, skirmish on.

Aug. 5--Cravensville, skirmish near.

Aug. 5-7--Montevallo, skirmishes near.

Aug. 6--Kirksville, action at.

Aug. 6--Salem, skirmish at.

Aug. 7--Rocky Bluff, Platte County, skirmish at.

Aug. 8--Newtonia, skirmish at.

Aug. 8--Panther Creek, skirmish at.

Aug. 8--Stockton, Macon County, skirmish near.

Aug. 9--Sears' Ford, skirmish at.

Aug. 9--Walnut Creek, skirmish at.

Aug. 10--Linn Creek, skirmish at.

Aug. 10--Switzler's Mill, skirmish at.

Aug. 11--Compton's Ferry, Grand River, skirmish at.

Aug. 11--Independence, action at and surrender of.

Aug. 11--Little Compton, Grand River, skirmish at.

Aug. 11--Sinking Creek, skirmish on.

Aug. 12--Humansville and Stockton, skirmish between.

Aug. 12--Van Buren, skirmish at.

Aug. 13--Muscle Fork, Chariton River, skirmish at.

Aug. 13--Yellow Creek, skirmish at.

Aug. 14--Barry, skirmish near.

Aug. 16--Lone Jack, action at.

Aug. 18--White Oak Ridge, skirmish at.

Aug. 20--Pilot Knob, skirmish at.

Aug. 21--Neosho, skirmish near.

Aug. 23--Columbus, skirmish near.

Aug. 23--Four Mile, skirmish at.

Aug. 23--Hickory Grove, skirmish at.

 Aug. 23--Wayman's Mill, on Spring Creek, skirmish near.

Aug. 24--Bloomfield, affair near.

Aug. 24--Coon Creek, near Lamar, skirmish on.

Aug. 24--Crooked Creek, near Dallas, skirmish on.

Aug. 24--Dallas, skirmish near.

Aug. 24--Lamar, skirmish near.

Aug. 28--Ashley, skirmish at.

Aug. 28--Howard County, skirmish in.

Aug. 29--Bloomfield, skirmish near.

Aug. 29--California House, skirmish at.

Aug. 29--Iberia, skirmish near.

Aug. 31--Little River Bridge, skirmish at.

Sept. 1, 3, 5--Neosho, skirmishes near.

Sept. 1--Putnam, skirmish at.

Sept. 1--Spring River, skirmish at.

Sept. 4--Prairie Chapel, skirmish at.

Sept. 6--Roanoke, skirmish near.

Sept. 7--Lancaster, skirmish at.

Sept. 9--Big Creek, skirmish at.

Sept. 11--Bloomfield, action at.

Sept. 13--Bragg's Farm, near Whaley's Mill, skirmish near.

Sept. 13--Newtonia, skirmish near.

Sept. 13--Strother Fork of Black River, Iron County, skirmish on.

Sept. 19--Hickory Grove, skirmish at.

Sept. 19--Mount Vernon, affair at.

Sept. 20--Shirley's Ford, Spring River, action at.

Sept. 21--Cassville, skirmish near.

Sept. 24--Granby, skirmish at.

Sept. 30--Newtonia, engagement at.

Oct. 2--Columbia, skirmish near.

Oct. 3--Jollification, skirmish at.

Oct. 4--Granby, affair at.

Oct. 4, 7--Newtonia, skirmishes near.

Oct. 5--Cole Camp, skirmish at.

Oct. 5--Sims' Cove, skirmish near.

Oct. 6--Liberty, skirmish at.

Oct. 6--Sibley, skirmish at.

Oct. 7, 13--New Franklin, skirmishes at and near.

Oct. 12--Arrow Rock, skirmish near.

Oct. 14--Hazel Bottom, skirmish at.

Oct. 16--Auxvasse Creek, Callaway County, skirmish at.

Oct. 16--Portland, affair at.

Oct. 16--Shell's Mill, skirmish at.

Oct. 17--Lexington, skirmish at.

Oct. 18--California House, skirmish at.

Oct. 18--Uniontown, Scotland County, skirmish near.

Oct. 20--Marshfield, skirmish near.

Oct. 22--Van Buren, skirmish near.

Oct. 23--Clarkston, skirmish at.

Oct. 25--Eleven Points River, skirmish near.

Oct. 25--Pike Creek, skirmish near.

Oct. 29--Island Mound, skirmish at.

Nov. 3--Harrisonville, Cass County, skirmish near.

 Nov. 5--Lamar, action at.

Nov. 7--Clark's Mill, Douglas County, action at.

Nov. 9--Drywood, skirmish at.

Nov. 9--Huntsville, skirmish at.

Nov. 15--Yocum Creek, skirmish at.

Nov. 17-18--Keytesville, operations about.

Nov. 19--Pineville, skirmish at.

Nov. 26-29--La Fayette County, affairs in.

Nov. 30-Dec. 6--Ozark Mountains, expedition to the, and skirmishes.



Jan.  6--Lawrence, Fort, skirmish at.

Jan.  8--Springfield, engagement at.

Jan. 11--Hartville, engagement at.

Jan. 21--Columbia, skirmish near.

Jan. 27--Bloomfield, affair at.

Feb.  2-13--Mingo Swamp, scouts and skirmishes, etc.

Feb.  8--Independence, skirmish near.

March 1-2--Bloomfield, capture of and skirmish near.

March 9--Sherwood, skirmish near.

March 22--Blue Springs, near Independence, skirmish at.

April 17--White River, skirmish at.

April 20--Patterson, skirmish at.

April 22--Fredericktown, skirmish at.

April 24--Mill Creek Bridge, skirmish at.

April 26--Cape Girardeau, action at.

April 26, 27--Jackson, skirmishes.

April 27--White Water Bridge, skirmish near.

April 29--Castor River, skirmish at.

April 30--Bloomfield, skirmish at.

May 9--Stone County, skirmish in.

May 15--Big Creek, skirmish at.

May 15--Centre Creek, skirmish at

May 15--Pleasant Hill, skirmish near.

May 18--Hog Island, Bates County, affair at

May 18--Sherwood, skirmish near

May 19--Richfield, Clay County, skirmish near

May 26--Carthage, skirmish near.

June 1--Doniphan, skirmish near.

June 1--Rocheport, skirmishes near.

June 1--Waverly, affair at.

June 17--Wellington, affair near.

June 17--Westport, skirmish near.

June 23--Papinsville, skirmish near.

June 23--Sibley, skirmish at and destruction of.

July 4--Black Fork Hills, affair in the.

July 7--Drywood, skirmish near.

July 11--Stockton, skirmish at.

July 12--Switzler's Mill, Chariton County, skirmish near.

July 24--Dade County, skirmish in

July 27--Cassville, affair near.

July 30--Lexington, skirmish near.

Aug. 1--Little Blue, skirmish at Taylor's Farm, on the.

Aug. 1--Round Ponds, near Castor River, affair at.

Aug. 2--Stumptown, skirmish at.

Aug. 6-11--Spring River Mills, scout to, and skirmishes.

Aug. 8--Ball Town, affair on Clear Creek, near.

Aug. 9--Garden Hollow, near Pineville, skirmish at.

Aug. 9, 13--Pineville, skirmishes.

Aug. 10--Dayton, skirmish at.

Aug. 13--Ash Hills, skirmish at the.

Aug. 14--Jack's Ford, skirmish near.

Aug. 14--Wellington, skirmish near.

Aug. 22--Big Creek, skirmish at.

Aug. 23--Bennett's Bayou, skirmishes on.

Aug. 25--Independence, skirmish near.

Aug. 25--Waynesville, skirmish near.

Aug. 25-26--Hopewell, skirmishes near.

Aug. 26--Clear Fork, skirmish at.

Aug. 29--Texas Prairie, skirmish at.

Sept. 4--Quincy, affair at.

Sept. 13--Salem, attack on and skirmish near.

Sept. 15--Enterprise, skirmish near.

Sept. 15--Jackson County, skirmish in.

Sept. 22-25--La Fayette County, skirmishes.

Oct. 4--Bowers' Mill, skirmish at.

Oct. 4--Neosho, action at.

Oct. 4--Neosho, skirmish at Widow Wheeler's, near.

Oct. 4--Oregon, skirmish at.

Oct. 5--Greenfield, skirmish at.

Oct. 5--Stockton, skirmish at.

Oct. 5, 10--Syracuse, skirmishes.

Oct. 6--Humansville, affair near.

Oct. 7--Warsaw, skirmish near.

Oct. 9--Cole Camp, skirmish near.

Oct. 10--La Mine Bridge, affair at.

Oct. 10--Tipton, affair at

Oct. 11-12--Boonville, skirmishes at.

Oct. 12--Dug Ford, near Jonesboro, skirmish at.

Oct. 12--Merrill's Crossing, skirmish at.

Oct. 13--Marshall, action at.

Oct. 14--Man's Creek, Shannon County, skirmish near.

Oct. 14--Scott's Ford, skirmish at.

Oct. 15--Cross Timbers, skirmish at.

Oct. 16--Deer Creek, skirmish on.

Oct. 16--Humansville, skirmishes at and near.

Oct. 16--Johnstown, skirmish at.

Oct. 17--Cedar County, skirmish in.

Oct. 18--Carthage, skirmish at.

Oct. 19--Honey Creek, affair on.

Oct. 21--Greenton Valley, near Hopewell, affair in.

Oct. 24--Harrisonville, skirmish near.

Oct. 26--King's House, near Waynesville, skirmish at.

Oct. 29--Warsaw, affair near

Nov. 4--Lexington, skirmish near.

 Nov. 4-6--Neosho, skirmishes at and near.

Nov. 29-30--Bloomfield, attack on.

Dec. 23-25--Centreville, attack on, etc.

Dec. 25--Pulliam's, skirmish at.



Jan. 14--Bollinger County, skirmish in.

Jan. 23--Cowskin Bottom, Newton County, affair at.

Feb. 2--Halcolm Island, skirmish on.

Feb. 5--Cape Girardeau, skirmish near.

Feb. 10--Pocahontas, skirmish at.

Feb. 12--California House, affair near the.

Feb. 12--Macon, skirmish at.

Feb. 15--Charleston, affair near.

Feb. 18--Piney River, affair near headwaters of the.

Feb. 19--Independence, skirmish near.

Feb. 22--Lexington, skirmish at.

Feb. 27--Poplar Bluff, affair near.

March 27--Deepwater Township, affair in.

March 30--Greenton, affair near.

April 1--Bloomfield, affair near.

April 11--Chariton County, affair in.

April 18--Hunnewell, affair at.

April 19-20--Charleston, skirmishes near.

April 23--Independence, skirmish at.

April 26--Wayne County, skirmish in.

April 27--Dayton, skirmish at.

April 28-30--Johnson County, skirmishes in.

May 2--Bee Creek, affair on.

May 13--Cuba, skirmish near.

May 16--Drywood Creek, skirmish near

May 20--Lamar, skirmish at.

May 21--Blue River, affair on the.

May 26--Lane's Prairie, Maries county, affair on.

May 27--Shanghai, skirmish near.

May 28--Pleasant Hill, skirmish at.

May 28--Warrensburg, skirmish at.

May 30-31--Mill and Honey Creeks, skirmishes on.

June 3--Neosho, skirmish near.

June 7--Sikeston, affair at.

June 9--Breckinridge, affair near.

June 10--Saint James, affair near.

June 11--Ridgeley, skirmish at.

June 12--Kingsville, skirmish near.

June 12--Montevallo, affair at.

June 14--Lexington, skirmish near.

June 15--White Hare, skirmish near.

June 16--Big North Fork, near Preston, affair on.

June 16--Preston, affair near.

June 17--Columbia, skirmish near.

June 26--Sedalia and Marshall Road, affair near the.

June 27-28--Dunksburg, affairs near.

July 1--Fayette, skirmish near.

July 3--Platte County, skirmish in.

July 4--Clay County, skirmish in.

July 6--Little Blue, Jackson County, western Missouri, skirmish near the.

July 7--Parkville, attack on.

July 8--Richmond, skirmish near.

July 10--Platte City, affair at.

July 10--Warder's Church, skirmish at.

July 12--Columbus, skirmish at.

July 13--Camden Point, action at.

July 13--Versailles, affair at.

July 14--Bloomfield, skirmish near.

July 14--Fredericksburg, skirmish near.

July 15--Huntsville, attack on.

July 15--Lindley, affair at, in Grundy County.

July 16--Clear Fork, near Warrensburg, skirmish on the.

July 16--Fayette Road, near Huntsville, skirmish on the.

July 16, 24--Huntsville, skirmishes.

July 16--Warrensburg, skirmish near.

July 17--Fredericksburg, Ray county, action near.

July 19--Webster, Washington County, attack on.

July 20--Arrow Rock, attack on.

July 21--Carthage, skirmish near.

July 21--Plattsburg, attack on.

July 22--Camden Point and Union Mills, skirmishes near.

July 22--Wright County, skirmish in.

July 23--Allen, skirmish at.

July 23--Liberty, skirmish near.

July 26--Shelbina, attack on.

July 27--Blackwater River, skirmish on.

July 28--Big Creek, skirmish on.

July 30--Chapel Hill, skirmish near.

July 30--Chariton Road, skirmish on.

July 30--Keytesville, skirmish near.

July 30--Union Church, skirmish at.

Aug. 1--Diamond Grove Prairie, skirmish at.

Aug. 1--Independence, skirmish near.

Aug. 1--Rolla, skirmish at.

Aug. 3--Fayette, skirmish near.

Aug. 4--Elk Chute, skirmish at.

Aug. 4--Rutledge, skirmish at.

Aug. 7--Arrow Rock, skirmishes at.

Aug. 7--Buffalo Creek, skirmish on.

Aug. 7--Enterprise, skirmishes at and near.

Aug. 7--Huntsville, skirmish near.

Aug. 8--Norris Creek, skirmish on.

Aug. 8-9--Little Missouri River, action on the.

Aug. 11--Hartville, skirmish at.

Aug. 12--Fredericksburg, skirmish at.

Aug. 12--Holden, skirmish near.

Aug. 15--Dripping Spring, skirmish at.

Aug. 16, Sept. 16--Columbia, skirmishes at.

Aug. 20, 28--Rocheport, skirmishes near.

Aug. 21--Diamond Grove, skirmish at

Aug. 23--Webster, affair at.

Aug. 26--Pleasant Hill, skirmish near.

Aug. 31--Steelville, affair at.

Sept. 1--Lone Jack, skirmish near.

Sept. 1--Tipton, attack on.

Sept. 2--Mount Vernon, skirmish near.

Sept. 3, 23--Rocheport, skirmishes near.

Sept. 6--Brunswick, affair near.

Sept. 7-8--Boone County, skirmishes in.

Sept. 7, 27--Centralia, affairs at.

Sept. 8--Gayoso, skirmish near.

Sept. 8--Hornersville and Gayoso, skirmishes near.

Sept. 9--Warrensburg, affair near, on the Warrensburg Road.

Sept. 10--Dover, skirmish near.

Sept. 10--Pisgah, skirmish near.

Sept. 10--Roanoke, skirmish near.

Sept. 12, 28--Caledonia, skirmishes at.

Sept. 13, 22--Longwood, skirmishes at and near.

Sept. 18--Lexington, skirmish near.

Sept. 18--Thomasville, skirmish at.

Sept. 19--Doniphan, affair at.

Sept. 20--Keytesville, surrender of.

Sept. 20--Ponder's Mill, Little Black River, skirmish at.

Sept. 22--Carthage, skirmish at.

Sept. 22--Patterson, affair at.

Sept. 22--Sikeston, skirmish near.

Sept. 24--Fayette, attack on

Sept. 24, 25--Farmington, skirmishes at.

Sept. 24--Jackson, skirmish at.

Sept. 25--Huntsville, affair at

Sept. 26--Arcadia Valley, Shut-in Gap, and Ironton, skirmishes in.

Sept. 26, 27--Ironton, skirmishes at.

Sept. 27--Arcadia and Ironton, skirmishes at.

Sept. 27--Fort Davidson, Pilot Knob, attack on.

Sept. 27--Mineral Point, skirmish at.

Sept. 28--Centralia, skirmish near.

Sept. 29--Cuba, affair at.

Sept. 29-Oct. 1--Leasburg, or Harrison, skirmishes at.

Sept. 30--Waynesville, skirmish at.

Oct. 1--Franklin, skirmish at.

Oct. 1--Lake Springs, skirmish near.

Oct. 1--Union, skirmish at.

Oct. 3--Hermann, skirmish at.

Oct. 4--Richwoods, skirmish at.

Oct. 5-6--Osage River, skirmishes on the.

Oct. 6--Cole County, skirmish in.

Oct. 7--Moreau Creek, skirmish at.

Oct. 7--Tyler's Mills, Big River, skirmish at.

Oct. 7, 8--Jefferson City, skirmishes at and near.

Oct. 8, 18, 29--Barry County, skirmishes in.

Oct. 9, 11-12--Boonville, skirmishes.

Oct. 9--California, skirmish at.

 Oct. 9--Russellville, skirmish at.

Oct. 11--Brunswick, skirmish at.

Oct. 14--Danville, attack on.

Oct. 14, 26--Glasgow, skirmishes near.

Oct. 15--Glasgow, action at.

Oct. 15--Paris, surrender of.

Oct. 15--Sedalia, affair at.

Oct. 16--Ridgely, capture of.

Oct. 17--Carrollton, surrender of.

Oct. 17--Lexington, skirmish near.

Oct. 19--Lexington, action at.

Oct. 19--Montevallo, skirmish near.

Oct. 20--Dover, skirmish at.

Oct. 21--Little Blue, action at the.

Oct. 22--Big Blue (Byram's Ford, etc.), action at the.

Oct. 22--Independence, action at.

Oct. 22--State Line, action at.

Oct. 23--Big Blue, engagement at the.

Oct. 23--Westport, engagement at.

Oct. 25--Charlotte, battle of.

Oct. 25--Clinton, attack on.

Oct. 25--Marmiton, or battle of Charlotte, engagement at the.

Oct. 26--Albany, skirmish at.

Oct. 28--Newtonia, engagement at.

Oct. 29--Upshaw's Farm, Barry County, skirmish at.

Oct. 29--Warrenton, skirmish near.

Nov. 1--Big Piney, skirmish on.

Nov. 1--Greenton, affair at.

Nov. 1--Lebanon, skirmish near.

Nov. 1--Rolla, skirmish at.

Nov. 1--Waynesville, skirmish near.

Nov. l-2--Quincy, skirmishes at.

Nov. 3--Vera Cruz, skirmish at.

Nov. 5--Charleston, skirmish at.

Nov. 6--Sikeston, skirmish near.

Nov. 9--Licking, Texas county, skirmish near.

Nov. 10--Neosho, skirmish at.

Nov. 12--Centreville, skirmish near.

Nov. 18--Fayette, skirmish at.

Nov. 19--Reeves' Mill, skirmish at.

Nov. 26--Osage, skirmish at.

Nov. 28--Fulton, skirmish near.

Dec. 2--Big Piney, skirmish on.

Dec. 3--New Madrid, skirmish near.

Dec. 7--Franklin, affair near, at the Moselle Bridge.

Dec. 7--Moselle Bridge, affair at.

Dec. 8--Tuscumbia, affair at.

Dec. 14--Cape Girardeau, skirmish near.

Dec. 18--Little River, New Madrid County, skirmish on.

Dec. 30--Caruthersville, skirmish near.



Jan. 9-11--Texas County, skirmishes in.

Jan. 10--Glasgow, skirmish near.

Jan. 11--Lexington, skirmish near.

Jan. 30--La Fayette County, skirmish in.

Feb. 12--Columbia, skirmish near.

Feb. 12--Macon, skirmish at.

Feb. 13--Mississippi County, skirmish in.

Feb. 20--Center Creek, skirmish at.

Feb. 24--Switzler's Mill, affair at.

Feb. 27--Sturgeon, skirmish near.

March 3, 7--Bloomfield, skirmishes near.

March 4--Dunklin County, skirmish in.

March 11--Little Blue River, affair near.

March 12--Lone Jack, affair near.

March 19-23--Columbus, scout from Warrensburg to, with skirmish near Greenton.

March 24--Rolla, affair near.

March 28--Bull Creek, Christian County, skirmish at.

March 29--Southwest Missouri, skirmish in.

April 15--Patterson, skirmish at McKenzie's Creek near.

April 22--Big Gravois, skirmish near mouth of.

April 22, 25--Linn Creek, skirmishes.

April 23--Spring Valley, skirmish at.

April 24--Miami, skirmish near.

April 27--James Creek, affair near.

May 3--Boonville, skirmishes on Missouri River, near.

May 4--Star House, near Lexington, skirmish at.

May 5--Perche Hills, skirmish in.

May 8--Readsville, skirmish near.

May 14--Little Piney, skirmish on.

May 20--Longwood, skirmish on the Blackwater near.

May 22--Valley Mines, skirmish at.

May 23--Waynesville, skirmish near.

May 24--Rocheport, skirmish near.

May 26-27--Carroll and Ray Counties, scout and skirmishes in.

May 27--Chariton County, skirmish in.

May 27--Switzler's Mill, Chariton County, skirmish at.