Price Camp SCV Price Camp SCV
Camp Roster
by Gene Dressel

     The Camp lost another of its long time supporters in 1958 when Francis Marion Curlee passed away on March 17th. He too was 81 years old when he died. Herbert C. Phillips was elected  Commander, and there were several significant changes in the other offices: 

Herbert C. Phillips Commander Kirkwood, Mo.
F. Dudley Petrie 1st Lt. Commander Pierce Bldg
A. C. Abbott 2nd Lt. Commander Congress Hotel
Paul Knabe Treasurer 8014 South Drive
Hall Wingfield Quartermaster 1001 Washington Blvd
W. Scott Hancock Judge Advocate 705 Olive St.
Dr. Drew Luten Surgeon Beaumont Medical Bldg.
George W. Tucker Historian Richmond Heights
R. Mitchell Powell III Color Sergeant Ferguson
Rev. L. F. Martin Chaplain Union, Mo.


The membership roster for 1958 was as follows:

  1. E.F. Barnes Jr 
  2. F. N. Brokaw 
  3. K.R. Cannon 
  4. Wm. W. Crowdus 
  5. Wm. W. Crowdus Jr. 
  6. F. M. Curlee 
  7. J. M. Dalton 
  8. C. P. Daniel 
  9. Peyton Daniel Jr. 
  10. C. A. Bull 
  11. A. E. Farrar
  12. M. M. Gordon    
  13. Dr. O. P. Hampton Jr. 
  14. Dr. S. F. Hampton 
  15. E. J. Hopkins 
  16. Fred Hume 
  17. L. F. Jones Jr. 
  18. R. J. Lockwood 
  19. Breckinridge Long 
  20. M. W. Masters 
  21. Lee Meriwether
  22. H. P. Niedermeyer 
  23. F. L. Niemeyer
  24. Robert B. Phillips    
  25. Dr. T. T. Rawls 
  26. Walter C. Rawls 
  27. Walter C. Rawls Jr. 
  28. H. D. Rodgers 
  29. W. L. Ross 
  30. Dr. B. D. Sims 
  31. T. J. Skinker 
  32. Dr. Floyd Stewart 
  33. Col. C. R. Stribling 
  34. Wm. Warren 
  35. J. T. Whittall

Honorary Members

  1. W. Scott Hancock 
  2. Rev. F. C. King 
  3. Major Walker Hancock 
  4. John R. T. Rives 
  5. Judge W. B. Jones 
  6. George W. Tucker